Frame Builder V1_3 Release

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Frame Builder V1_3 Release

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Frame Builder V1_3 Release by NateLiqGrav
Insert profiles into Alibre Design from the user's library of profiles. Build frames, miter, trim, and extend profiles!

  • Now works with Alibre Design V23 Build 23050.
  • Custom entity selection boxes now have an x in the corner of the box to clear the box. Other applicable dialogs will eventually get this makeover.
  • Fixed an issue with Trim/Extend To Plane where internal model units were not converted if a plane was selected.
  • Added buttons to quickly Align Profile Origin Point including:
      Align Origin to Left Side of Profile along X-Axis
      Align Origin to Center of Profile along X-Axis
      Align Origin to Right Side of Profile along X-Axis
      Align Origin to Top Side of Profile along Y-Axis
      Align Origin to Center of Profile along Y-Axis
      Align Origin to Bottom Side of Profile along Y-Axis
  • Added TrackBar to Quickly Rotate Profiles in 45° increments
      Hold Shift while dragging for 5° increments.
  • Added ToolTips to some Buttons and Controls.

Alibre Design V21 (Build 21033 or 21034) or Alibre Design V22 (Build 22044, 22051, 22053, or 22061), or Alibre Design V23 (Build 23050)
Alibre Script Build 342398 or newer.
Alibre Design and Alibre Script are © 2021 Alibre, LLC

Frame Builder V1_3 © 2021 NateLiqGrav
All rights reserved except as noted:
You may use Frame Builder V1_3 free of charge for personal use or commercial use - but this may change in the next version.
I claim no ownership of the part files created by using the tool.

Download and extract everything from the "Frame Builder V1_3" file into the Alibre Script Library folder.
Next (optionally) download and extract everything from the "Example Profile" file where you want to keep the Profiles.
Then Launch Alibre Script in an Alibre Design Assembly and click on "Frame Builder V1_3 Release [Protected]" in the Alibre Script explorer to run it.
Check out the rest of the setup instructions by reading the help file by clicking the button "Help Info".
Please read all the help file included before asking any questions - but don't hesitate to ask if something isn't working as expected.

Downloads: Frame Builder V1_3 was removed. Check for newer versions.
Frame Builder V1_3 had been Downloaded 174 times
Example Profile
Special Thanks to Lew Merrick for these sample AISC profiles.

upload_2021-6-7 a.png
upload_2021-6-7 a.png (30.83 KiB) Viewed 27230 times
upload_2021-6-7 b.png
upload_2021-6-7 b.png (13.74 KiB) Viewed 27230 times
upload_2021-6-7 c.png
upload_2021-6-7 c.png (13.46 KiB) Viewed 27230 times